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[Free Download] SimplePars v4.9 – Universal parser for IM (Full Decode – NULL) (Nulled) [Latest Version]

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[Free Download] SimplePars v4.9 – Universal parser for IM (Full Decode – NULL) (Nulled) [Latest Version]

The SimplePars module is designed to
for parsing and filling an online store.

The idea of ​​the module is that you could brew a cup of coffee and watch how your store is filled with goods. After all, it is much more pleasant to watch the product loading line than to fill in each item manually 😉 Possibilities of the SimplePars module The main tasks that it solves the module is the parsing of data from the site and the subsequent filling of the online store.

You can both parse directly to the online store, and parse into a CSV file for further processing. Also, updates of goods using parsing of donor sites are implemented. In a nutshell, you can not describe what he can do module, for this designation only the main points.

– A full-fledged parser that allows you to parse products from third-party stores and download yourself. – Built-in flexible link collector that will help collect links to the necessary products.

– It is possible to parse and download all elements of the product. Product code [model] SKU [sku] Name Price Quantity Manufacturer Description Categories Images Options Attributes Data – goods.

You can see more details on the screenshots of the module. – In addition to loading, it is possible to configure updating of existing products, prices, stocks and much more. – Product identification by article, model or product name.

– Available to set extra charges of any complexity. – Parsing / Drawing up SEO templates and filling in the Meta data of the product, categories, manufacturers. Filling in SEO_URL- Form a csv price list with the data that you are parsing.

Also, prices can be compiled in a ready-made format for loading through AOP or any other price list loader. – Search replacement, a powerful tool that allows you to change information on the fly.

That is, when parsing, you can cut or replace certain words or entire blocks of text. Delete or replace the donor site name in the text with yours. And much more. – Replacement search fully supports regular expressions.

– The module is capable of parsing in multi-threaded mode. What makes the parsing as fast as possible. – Supported parsing with authorization. – Support for working with proxies. – Own proxy checker, which allows you to select proxy servers that will work with a specific donor.

– You can customize requests, Specifying Cookies, User-Agent, Sending your own headers Headers – A logging system that allows you to control the parsing process at any stage. – A caching system for the donor’s site for safe parsing.

– NEW Automatic parsing on a schedule using CRON – NEW Built-in product editor. The product editor will help you make the final editing of the products. Instructions for the editor of goods – NEW Parser of XML / YML documents from the supplier.

– NEW Parsing with automatic authorization on the donor’s website. Authorization instructions – NEW Parsing sites with images in WEBP format !!!! More- NEW Expanding the capabilities of the parser with your own PHP scripts More !!! You can specify any number of parsing boundaries for any data that is in the html code of the donor’s site.

SimplePars is a universal tool that will help you fill your online store. Please note that you can customize parsing for any data, and it doesn’t have to be compatible with opencart. You can parse articles, reviews, blogs.

This module has the ability to parse all the data not only to the store but also a CSV file. You can generate price lists for uploading them through popular add-ons. And this is a small part of the tasks that this module can perform.

SimplePars is developed as a universal parser, it does not have clear tasks, it only has a set of tools. And what you build with these tools already depends on you. ps. Activation with any data Z Size: 709.68 Kb, downloaded 676 times

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